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“Jake’s experience as a broadcaster was evident immediately, just by the way he carried himself and worked with both me and my coaching staff, and the players on our team. He earned quick respect from all volunteers in the Chatham Athletic Association because of his work ethic, attention to detail and overall knowledge not only of the game of baseball, but also broadcast journalism.”

John Schiffner


Chatham Anglers, Cape Cod Baseball League

“During his internship, Jake proved to be a knowledgable, respectful and extremely dedicated employee with strong leadership skills. He rose to the challenge of every task we threw his way, which included field producing and logging highlights, video and sound. The quality of Jake's work, organization and attention to detail are excellent.”

Brad Como

Vice President of Programming and Production

SportsNet New York

"Jake was a consummate professional in our office. He was as driven and focused as any intern we have ever had. Jake made it clear from day 1 that he could be trusted to make important decisions and be depended on for vital tasks. Jake, a baseball fan at heart, was truly our utility infielder, filling in gaps wherever we needed. One day he could stand in for our Researcher and the next day jump into the edit suite and knock out our highlight packages. Our office was a more collaborative place when we had Jake’s energy and enthusiasm."

Josh Bard

Associate Producer

ESPN's Around the Horn

“Jake Eisenberg is first class. He has made our program better. Thank you Jake!”

John Szefc, via Twitter

Head Coach (2013-2017)

University of Maryland Baseball

Jake has honed his craft to a very high level early on in his career. He does a great job of describing the action and we have received nothing but good reviews on his broadcasts, not only from our own fans, but also fans of teams throughout the country. In addition, my colleagues at other schools comment favorably on Jake’s professionalism and skill, and are many times surprised to find out that he is a student. What makes Jake’s resume different from many of his fellow student broadcasters is his experience forming relationships within our program. In addition to his home assignments, Jake has traveled on numerous road trips with our team and has gained the trust of our coaches and student athletes, who all enjoy working with him. This gives Jake the ability to gain insights that both expand his knowledge of the game and help him put forth a more comprehensive broadcast."

Taylor Smyth

Media Relations, Baseball and Women's Soccer

University of Maryland Athletic Department

“Throughout his time at the network, Jake showed an aptitude for television production. He ably identified storylines for use in our daily research packet and was a quick study in learning how to use our various resources. But his most impressive trait was his persistent desire to contribute.”

Nate Purinton

Manager, Research Department

MLB Network


Read below what some of my employers, mentors, and colleagues have had to say about me and my work.

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